PC Power Supply ATS Model 8010

CE Mark
Key Features:
  • Equipped with both of the test performance of 6000 ATS and the flexible hardware architecture of 8000 ATS
  • Provide optimized standard test items for the Unit Under Test (PC Power Supply) to deliver excellent test performance
  • Easy-to-use software function specifically designed to meet the production line needs
  • Flexible software platform with the following functions
    – User editable test program
    – User editable test report format
    – Test report generator
    – Statistical report
    – User authority control
    – Release control
    – Activity log
    – Support bar code reader
  • New test items and expandable hardware allows the Chroma 8010 ATS to meet the new testing requirements in the PC power industry
    – 100MHz Noise measurement
    – Output voltage monotonic rise test
    – Average efficiency test that complies with EPA & 80Plus
  • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP based software
  • Offer the best performance/price ratio

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