Switching Power Supply ATS Model 8000

CE Mark
Key Features:
  • Open architecture software
    • Expandable hardware support
    • Support GPIB instruments & RS232/RS485/I2C interface
    • User editable test iteam
    • User editable test programs
    • User editable report format
    • Statistic report
    • On-Line control function
    • User authority control
    • Release control
    • Activity log
    • Master/Slave control mode
    • Multi-UUT test capability for single-output PSU
    • Support barcode reader
    • Support shop-floor control
    • Remote monitoring via internet
  • Test command optimizer helps to improve test speed
  • Capable of coding for any power supply testing applications
  • Comprehensive hardware modules provide high accuracy and repetitive measurements
  • High test throughput by system default test items
  • Microsoft word based evaluation report or UUT characterization
  • Cost effective
  • Other hardware expandable upon request
  • Windows 98/2000/XP or higher based software

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